Creating brand new standards in safety for the EU’s tallest building.

Being the tallest building ever to have been built in the EU at 1,016 ft, the Shard introduced new challenges to the GKR team.

Not only did we have to create bespoke solutions above 600 ft, but also every industry safety process needed to be reviewed in line with working at an unprecedented height.

The risks associated with dropping tools, and maintaining the safety of our operatives and the general public, was polarized at this height. Not to mention the close proximity of the busy main line London Bridge train station.

GKR were a continued presence from the beginning of the project to understand needs and risks associated with the work.

Our whole approach to design had to be rethought in order to create the structures needed.

We erected a huge range of versatile scaffolds ranging from basic scaffold designs to intricate diverse cantilevers rising above a knee shaking 600ft.

We introduced new standards for safety. We created Elimin8 – a fall prevention fitting fixing and introduced a 100% tool tethering policy. Our operatives were all also issued with Petzl professional climbing hard hats that have a chinstrap.

GKR have continued to develop and champion the latest equipment on the market in tethered tools and materials, and enhanced safety equipment.

The whole site adopted the use of Petzl hard hats and the tool tethering policy is also now standard on all our sites.

As the industry has followed our lead, we won health and safety awards continuously throughout our involvement in this fantastic project.





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