HSBC & Barclays

Using pioneering techniques at height for HSBC and Barclays.

Both HSBC and Barclays provided a similar challenge, which required GKR to draw on our experience of working at height from the Shard.

The ‘Barclays Pinnacle Project’ required the removal and replacement of existing glazing units, signage and eagle logo at high level on the north, east and west elevations. It also needed the installation of new over-canopy signage at low level on the south elevation.

The HSBC project required a scaffold that would enable operatives to construct a tower crane on the roof. This lifting scaffold would need to be capable of lifting 5 tonne, 677 feet above ground level.

We used methods inherited from the Shard project, including safety processes.

With 100% tethering, we were sure that no materials or tools would be dropped from either scaffold structure sitting over 500 feet above the Canary Wharf Estate.

Additionally on the HSBC tower, aircraft warning lights had to be fitted to the structure as the scaffold rises 14m above the roof, which is on the flight path to London City Airport.

GKR are always looking to push the boundaries of scaffolding and showcase to the industry on how high risk works, when planned and managed properly are always a success.

As GKR pioneered the use of tethering tube, fittings and boards at these high working conditions, our proven experience at height ensured the successful and safe completion of both projects.





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