Designing a rolling hoist solution to allow constant access.

Bloomberg is opening their European HQ in the City of London. The building is neighbour to iconic London Landmarks: the London Stock Exchange, Bank of England and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The HQ will be an eight-story building that straddles a three-acre site and has 450,000 square feet of state of the art office space.
GKR were engaged due to the need for the highest industry standards to be met on a build that would have such status and presence in the City.

There were two particular challenges of the project. The first was to not cause congestion with deliveries within the City of London. The second was to create a retractable hoist solution to provide access to the building façade for stone installation.

The project has required notable structures such as the scenic lift shafts, which accounted for over 100,000 man hours and 230 tonnes of scaffold tube.

The scaffolds were constructed to provide access for stone and bronze construction and then finally access to the glass lifts.

In order to allow adaptable access to the building for the stone installations, we built a rolling hoist run of scaffolds. All the hoist runoffs were then able to retract into the building leaving the building façade free.

The rolling hoist required 1500 man hours in design, innovation and building mock-ups to make this a success prior to erection on site. But it has driven the capability on site that was needed.

456 deliveries of materials were made to the site out of hours to avoid congestion within the City.

All works are completed on time, to the highest standards, and incident and accident free.


Sir Robert McAlpine



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