Angel Court

Using communication strategies to overcome project constraints.

Angel Court was expanding. The project required the contractor to increase the space from 18,000sq m to 26,000sq m.

Situated in close proximity to other buildings, we had the issue of noise pollution to manage requiring us to ensure we didn’t breach the set noise level.

The small footprint also meant that managing logistics and storage needed a strategic approach.

We needed to be dynamic in meeting the client’s needs, providing an efficient and effective response.

The project’s tight deadline resulted in the need for us to be innovative when designing and erecting scaffolds for the project.

Noise was managed initially using bespoke acoustic screens and later we introduced secondary glazing.

Regular meetings with the project team facilitated how we managed noise, which included GKR working through the night on a regular basis.

Communication and regular contact was the solution to working in a small space. A strong working relationship was developed with the client which involved daily meetings, 24-hour contact points and a weekly programme involving the GKR management team.

In order to meet the time scales, our team of highly experienced scaffolders and engineers developed a plan to build from both the bottom up and the top down. We delivered this working with our Head of Safety and engineers, to ensure both safety and efficiency.

A clear communication strategy meant we could adapt quickly to the needs of the client and keep logistics and planning at the highest level.

We helped the client deliver the project on time, despite the constraints. GKR met all targets set and no noise complaints were received.
The team received a Health and Safety award for their work both during the project and at the Annual MACE Awards.





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