How we work

Collaboration is core to how we work with our clients, supply chain partners and with our colleagues.

It means you get the best expertise in the business.

Because of our commitment to only employing the very best people, your projects are delivered by experts in their field.

From our in-house designers and civil engineers, to our skilled operatives and supervisors, we work with you to create innovative solutions whilst delivering precisely what your project needs.

Ensuring excellence through collaboration.

Our collaborative process starts immediately, so that we understand your needs and the specific challenges of your project.

Working in partnership throughout ensures that quality is consistently delivered. We treat every project as unique and create expert solutions that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

We also conduct regular Project Performance Assessment Reviews to evaluate delivery against project criteria.

Building a high performance workforce

High performing teams are invested in with personal development, work in a psychologically safe culture, and trust their safety and wellbeing are important.

This is why we encourage open and honest communication, give everyone Personal Improvement Plans and promote values that drive our commitment to continuous improvement.

Everyone is encouraged to share ideas for improving processes and ways of working, and talk openly about safety. This leads to GKR’s high performance culture.

Driving high performance through logistics

We are the first in the industry to manage our internal business and project logistics via a bespoke Integrated Management System.

The IMS gives us the ability to pre-plan site requirements and enables our on-site workforce to concentrate in delivering a high standard to your projects.

The IMS supports risk reporting, subcontractor qualification, stock management and logistics planning. We also use a fleet tracking package alongside this for route management.

As the IMS evolves we will be launching a client interface, and developing a digital Live Scaffold Inspection module.

Committed to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability extends not only across the choices we make for the business, but also our own behaviours as individuals.

We proactively ensure we procure from sustainable sources, and reduce our impact on the environment overall.

Our timber boards are purchased from FSC and PEFC Accredited suppliers so we are confident they are sourced from sustainable forests.

Our enhanced logistical capability through our IMS helps us reduce fuel usage and C02 emissions. We can also track driver behaviour and vehicle idling for this purpose.

We encourage all our staff at GKR to make a change. Our cycle to work culture has been widely adopted which helps improve the health and fitness of us all, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.