Health & Safety

The safety of every individual working with GKR, and the general public, is paramount. Our industry leading safety performance is due to our continuous drive to reduce risk.

We take an uncompromising approach to both health and safety – from the quality of our training through to improving the processes and tools we use.

Providing market leading training

Our employees receive full safety training and mentoring, as well as attending regular workshops.

Our training addresses risk evaluation and influences behaviour change, so that safe behaviours and decision making becomes second nature to every GKR employee.

We also have a team of fully trained Health & Safety Managers.

Creating new benchmarks for safe behaviour

We were pioneers of the 100% tool tethering policy when we introduced it as a mandatory requirement to reduce the risk of tools falling from height.

All our operatives also wear Petzel (climbing) hard hats. We want our staff to have the best equipment to keep them safe.

We reduce the need for working at height through design. Where possible we create structures that can be built at ground level, and then lifted and secured into place on site.

All of our standards and processes go beyond industry best practice, with new training methods assessed on a continuous basis.

Investing in employee health & wellbeing

We have a proactive approach to maintaining the health of our staff, especially those in the most physically demanding roles.

Our Fit For Work Safety Critical Medicals medicals are conducted in Mobile Medical Centres that visit workers on site. They carry out safety critical evaluations, monitoring the wellbeing of our employees and meeting Constructing Better Health standards.

We are also introducing stress management and general advice services, to give all our staff access to mental health and lifestyle support.

Innovating safety critical solutions

Using Immersive Technology to improve safety training

Our award winning VR training simulates hazardous situations that are impossible to train for in the real world.

Exposing scaffold operatives to the consequences of risk, we are enhancing safe attitudes and behaviour to working at height.

Creating a physiological and emotive connection to the training also enhances retention and recall of information.

Find out more about how we are creating a better future for safety training.

Eliminating the risk of tools falling from height

We are always looking for ways to innovate to more effectively improve safety.

In 2014, we launched Elimin8 – the next generation of fall prevention fitting fixings, designed and created by GKR.

This revolutionary tethered scaffold fitting allows all main scaffold-fitting types to be securely tethered until fixed. It has since received industry recognition and become widely adopted.

GKR are committed to using our own culture of innovation to influence the industry and continue improvements in safety.