Better Future is our commitment to constant improvement.

We are launching initiatives both within GKR and involving the wider industry that demonstrate our passion for people, innovation and community.

They represent the values that are ingrained in our culture, how we work with clients and contribute to the growth of the industry.

Helping you build a better future.

Improving performance through digital transformation

We are integrating existing and emerging technologies to improve how we do things.

Our focus is on transforming our performance in productivity, efficiency, sustainability and safety.

We are trialing the use of immersive environments for a number of business purposes – from training to engineering.

We are also exploring integration of mobile applications with our IMS to improve efficiency between on site and management operations.

Creating a culture of collaboration by empowering employees

Our employee engagement is led by the most valuable assets we have – our people.

We are launching the GKR Employee Advisory Board which is made up of staff from every department at every level.

They will lead a collaborative approach to idea generation, innovation and problem solving within GKR.

The Board will ensure we nurture a motivating environment that delivers personal growth.

Helping communities achieve their potential

We know what it takes to overcome challenges to lead in our market. So, we want to empower those in our communities to also create opportunities for themselves.

Through fundraising and active volunteering we continue to support young people. From grassroots sports through to helping disabled young adults get active, we believe that sports develop interpersonal skills that stay with people for life.

Sharing learning to enhance industry collaboration

Open communication is something we encourage at GKR. As part of this we will be running events to discuss and encourage shared learning with the wider industry.

This benefits how we work with clients so that our initiatives are in line with their future vision.

But we also want to share our experience and help others in the industry apply what we have spent time learning ourselves.

Discovering new ways to inspire the next generation

We are looking at ways of playing our part to encourage more young people and women to consider careers in our sector.

We will be sharing our innovations in technology and engineering with local schools and getting the whole company involved in engaging young people.

Our Employee Advisory Board will be key to making recommendations on how we build this into a core part of the Better Future Programme.