GKR investing in Estimations & Business Development within new Strategy Unit

GKR Scaffolding News

As part of a wider alignment of our vision and strategy we are building a culture of constant improvement at GKR.

This is being applied to how we engage the market and our clients at every touchpoint, including through the estimations/pre-construction planning process.

The team will work closely within the wider strategic division to inform competitive and commercial strategy. We are looking to bolster the unit with individuals who can help us understand how to shape our business to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Helen Gawor, Business Strategy Director, said:
Businesses need to be constantly taking the pulse of the market. Estimations and planning is core to this process and we recognise the need to leverage the insight derived from this process more strategically.

It’s easy for businesses to respond to client demands. It’s far harder to listen to clients and identify genuine needs early.

We’ve had huge success with our early engagement approach to collaborating with clients. We are now building a team that will be in line with helping the business plan projects on specification with built in efficiencies.

We are looking for experienced estimators at every level. But we are looking for those with a business development mindset. The roles are open to proactive applicants who are great relationship builders, but have the market and commercial knowledge to help inform our competitive strategy.

If you would like to apply please send your CV to jobs@gkrscaffolding.co.uk.