Innovation isn’t just something we talk about at GKR.

It underpins our entire way of thinking and working, so that it can be delivered where it’s needed most.

We’re constantly investing in new product development and processes.

As our clients’ needs evolve and builds present new challenges, we need to create solutions that are ahead of market demand.

There is always a growing need for cost efficiency, productivity, enhanced safety and sustainability.

So we’re continuously looking for ways to improve what works and invent for what doesn’t.

We’re inspiring our future leaders to grow personally and professionally.

We attract and retain highly motivated, responsible and dedicated employees at GKR.

The GKR Academy is unlike any other training facility in our sector. It has created training courses specifically designed to fit the learning capabilities of our staff.

It teaches them how to not only be our leaders of tomorrow, but how to think so that innovation and problem solving becomes second nature.

We’re embracing technology to improve sustainability.

Using our Integrated Management System, we continuously monitor and collect data on all aspects of our business.

This is used to inform our sustainability policies to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

For example, we are efficiently able to monitor fuel usage and CO2 emissions to track reduction in our carbon footprint.

And we’re changing perceptions of the industry.

When anyone comes into contact with a GKR employee we know that positive perceptions of our sector and the people who work within it are only enhanced.

We leverage these associations of the GKR brand and its people to change perceptions of our industry as a whole.

From embracing digital and social media, through to volunteering for community activities, we positively engage both the industry and the communities we operate within.